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April 3, 2018


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While the idea of shifting from high School to university is incredibly exciting. The overwhelming anxieties of waiting to find out if you have passed with qualifying marks, the loads of online applications waiting to be completed, decisions about whether to apply first or second semester, or even thinking about the possible application rejections, might just keep stealing those moments of excitement away.

In order to reduce your worry levels, have at least the most important worry under control; getting accepted into a university. Here is a list of good tips to make sure that at least your university application avoids being on the first rejection list. 


1.       Get good results

Don’t wait for the second semester or the final term to ace your exams. It is important to make sure your marks are appealing from the beginning. Universities also look for consistency in your performance. Try to do your best from as soon as possible, consistent high marks will increase the chances of your university application rating higher than most.

2.       Apply Early

This is a no brainer. Applying early is the first thing that saves your university application possible rejection. Even if you might only meet the minimal requirements for a specific course or institution, chances of your application being considered before applicants who rate higher than you, strengthens because this shows seriousness in your application.

3.       Apply for courses that are right for you.

Choosing courses that align with your skills and talents means that you select learning programs you are naturally good at or that you genuinely enjoy. Take learner assessment tests to simplify the process of identifying your interests. This will make the interview or writing a motivational letter steps of your university application less complicated, as you will be writing or talking about something you know well or which you are enthusiastic about.

4.       Choose institutions that you qualify for

Many learners have suffered numerous rejections because they tend to be too ambitious. While it is right to aim high and widen your chances by applying everywhere. Be realistic about your abilities. Avoid applying to universities because of their status. Make sure you focus most of your energy on institutions which you mostly qualify for, not which rate higher, then use the rest of your energy on others.

5.       Be prepared



Most information can easily be accessed online or using online application platforms such as PSconnect. You can find information’s such as course descriptions, aps scores, minimum requirements and find out about the institution and how they offer your chosen field.



Don’t rush your application process if your particulars and research are not up to date. Waiting to apply for the second semester will give you more time to prepare your application and be more prepared for second semester applications which you can use PSconnect to find out when they open then make application on PSconnect.

6.       Use convenient methods to apply


-          APPLY ONLINE

Apply online rather than applying physically at universities, in order to save yourself time and resources. Even if you decide to apply for second semester. Using online methods offers you easier and faster means to complete your research before applying.


Familiarise yourself with online application platforms such as PSConnect which are tailored to assist you with all aspects of your application, including learner assessments, research and the actual application process.


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